Sesth IV RIng Complex

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The Sesth IV Ring Complex, or simply the Complex, is an effort towards Galactic Peace.

The Selesthian Empire provided other Minors with sovereign space in the form of a Station around the fourth planet of the Selesthian home Star System, Sesth. These Stations are linked to each another, and to the wonder of construction of the Selesthians, Sa'rini Station.

This way, ambassadors from the participant Empires are only a few kilometers from the representatives of the other Empires, and talks can have place without any delays.

The Complex also provides facilities for Peace Talks among Empires not part of the Complex.

The following Empire's Stations can be found in the Complex:

If you're interested in the participant Empires, we can provide links to the following Empire's Databases.

The Selesthian Empire

Andorian Dynasty

Spider Queen Theocracy

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